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Amy using PRP Hair therapy for hair loss treatment in vancouver
Vancouver's top clinic for PRP hair restoration and prp injections

What is PRP hair therapy ?

PRP (plasma rich plasma) therapy is used in numerous areas of medicine. One of the most popular applications of PRP in Vancouver is treatment of hair loss and hair rejuvenation. PRP hair therapy involves three easy steps:

Step 1: A small amount of blood is taken from your arm.

Step 2: The blood sample is put into a machine (centrifuge) and the Platelet rich portion (PRP) is extracted. 

Step 3: The platelet rich portion (which is also known as liquid gold or PRP) is serially injected into your scalp (this could be done manually with a needle or semi-automatically with a mesotherapy gun). 

Click here to read a detailed discussion about the science behind PRP’s powerful therapeutic potential for hair-loss and hair rejuvenation. 

How does PRP hair therapy work ?

The platelets are the blood cells that contain thousands of natural growth factors. These growth factors can trigger our cells to proliferate (grow, divide and stay healthy), they speed-up the healing process and stimulate tissue regeneration. 

When injected into the scalp, these powerful growth factors result in:

1: Increased hair growth 

2: Thickening of existing hair follicles

3: Increased density of hair

4: Increased blood supply to scalp and hair

Click here to read a short summary of PRP for hair loss, written by Harvard University. 

If you want you find out more about PRP for hair restoration click here to download our free patient information sheet pdf

Is PRP Worth it for Hair-loss?

PRP is one of the most effective topical treatment (non-surgical) for hair-loss and hair rejuvenation. While 100s of remedies exist for hair-loss treatment only a handful are backed by real scientific data.

Numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies have shown that PRP injections are extremely effective for increased hair growth and hair rejuvenation. In our West Vancouver clinic, most patients who receive PRP injections have shown increased hair density and improved hair health after their 2nd or 3rd treatment. In a recent survey, the majority of patients who had PRP for hair-loss reported significant hair-regrowth 3-5 months post treatment. Click here to read about real patients’ testimonial from around the world and how they feel about their PRP results. 

6 Most Commonly Asked Questions Regarding PRP for Hair Regrowth

One of the advantages of being Vancouver’s largest and most trusted PRP hair rejuvenation is that we can offer the most affordable pricing in Vancouver. 

The average cost of PRP for hair restoration and hair-loss treatment is between $700-1200 per session. At MONARCH MD + HAIR LAB MD,  we are currently running a pricing promotion on all of our PRP hair treatment packages. To get the latest pricing and see how we are the most affordable PRP hair clinic in Vancouver please click on the “check pricing” button below. 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has emerged as an amazing treatment modality in regenerative medicine. PRP treatments is a non-surgical, in-office procedure where platelets from your own body (blood) is extracted and injected into the scalp. Many famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, golfer Tiger Woods, tennis star Rafael Nadal regularly use PRP treatments. The procedure has 2 steps: 

Step 1: A small amount of blood is drawn from your arm and placed in a machine called the centrifuge. The platelet rich plasma portion of your blood is extracted)

Step 2: 

The platelet rich plasma, which is extracted and purified in the step above, is put into a specialized machine (U225 gun) and injected into your scalp with a micro-needle.  This is essentially painless and most patients in our clinic rate the pain as 1/10. Most people watch Netflix or browse the Instagram during the procedure. 

Although the science is fairly complex, by injecting PRP into the scalp the stem cells in your hair root receive a boost. The treatment results in hair restoration by stimulating the growth of new hair from previously dormant follicles, strengthening and thickening your existing hairs.



  • Experience and innovation: to date we have performed over 1000 PRP treatments. We are the only clinic in Vancouver to offer a free comprehensive hair analysis (HD trichoscopy to count your hair follicles, assess and monitor the health of your follicles, blood analysis to monitor your vitamin levels, and hormone status). 
  • We use the latest and most advanced technology: We are amongst the only clinics that use the world-renowned, made in France, U225 gun for PRP injections in Vancouver. This enables ultra-fast and virtually pain less PRP delivery to the scalp. 
  • Physician directed PRP therapy: Our PRP service is overseen by an award winning surgeon, Dr. Eli Akbari MD, FRCSC. She is British Columbia’s only female facial plastic surgeon.
  • Ultra high-yield PRP extraction process: We have pioneered a unique way of extracting and purifying PRP from your blood. This is the result of in depth review of literature and utilizing quality improvement studies, performed in our clinic. We continuously monitor our patient results and optimize our processes. 

Not at MONARCH MD + HAIR LAB MD. We pride ourselves for having virtually pain-less PRP treatments for hair-loss. All of our patients rate their pain level 0-1 out of 10. Usually you can relax and watch your favorite Netflix show while you receive your treatments. 

The growth of your hair follicles naturally take a few months to complete. Because PRP hair-loss treatment utilizes your body’s own growth factors, it takes 4-6 months to see noticeable results. However, in our clinic we utilize an ultra powerful hair camera which shows the smallest change in your hair follicles’ health and number. This way, you can see your hairs grow and thicken as soon as in 1 month.

Absolutely! Many of our patients have had hair transplant in the past and receive PRP hair restoration to give their hair an extra boost and maintain hair density. 

Although, PRP is a natural type of treatment we advise against it during pregnancy. 

Top videos you must watch if you are considering PRP for hair-loss

How much does it cost?

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