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Morpheus 8 | Everything you need to know

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What is microneedling ?

Microneedling is a popular cosmetic procedure utilized for a wide range of benefits including treatment of acne scars, wrinkles, cellulite, strech marks, as well as anti-aging. There are 3 main types of microneedling: 

(1) Fractional radiofrequency microneedling (uses thicker needles to transmit heat deep into the skin, for superior results. This is by far the most advanced and effective type of microneelding). 

(2) Mechanical microneedling (uses a motorized pen with tiny needles to create thousands of channels in the skin)

(3) Mesotherapy (microneedling combined with  cocktail of powerful vitamins, which are injected into the lower layers of the skin). 

What is the most effective type of microneedling ?

At MONARCH MD we use the world’s most advanced microneelding technology called Morpheus 8. Morpheus 8 is a safe and effective treatment option that uses a patented microneedling technique combined with next generation radiofrequency. This stimulates the production of collagen to improve elasticity in the skin  reducing scars, wrinkles, lines and sagging appearance. 

How does Morpheus 8 work?

This combination of radiofrequency with microneedling provides fractional therapy resulting in remodeling of the skin and anti-aging effects. The microneedling technique creates miniscule puncture wounds into the superficial aspect of the dermis resulting in stimulation of collagen and elastin production. The thermal effect of radiofrequency energy also stimulates the production of collagen. Morpheus8 penetrates deeper into the skin than other needling treatments and delivers thermal energy causing evening of your complexion and providing a more rested and youthful appearance.

What are the benefits of Morpheus 8 ?

Some of the major benefits of Morpheus 8 include:

No need for anesthesia or incisions, which also means no down time. We can get you back to your regular schedule within a few days. 

Increased production of collagen

Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

Shorter treatment time

Minimizing acne scarring

Am I a good candidate for Morpheus 8?

Do you want to look more youthful and slow the aging process without undergoing an invasive treatment? Then microneedling at MONARCH MD is the right fit for you.

Most male and female adults are excellent candidates for this microneedling treatment in Vancouver. This minimally-invasive technique may be ideal for you if you wish to reduce the appearance of:

    • Poor skin texture
    • Acne or acne scars
    • Enlarged pores
    • Sun damage
    • Stretch marks
    • Deep lines and creases
    • Mild sagging or jowls

Morpheus 8 before and after gallery

What to expect during Morpheus 8 ?

Upon arriving at Monarch MD, you will be greeted by our lovely team, your medical history and aesthetic interests will be recorded. For the treatment, a thorough cleansing of the skin followed by application of a topical anesthetic ointment will be performed. This anesthetic agent will remain on for approximately 45-60 minutes whilst you relax. Following this the ointment is removed and your skin cleansed again. Our team member will perform a treatment test spot, ensuring that you are comfortable with the sensation. Throughout the treatment you will feel the pressure from the machine applicator, which is approximately the size of a large post stamp, along with some small pricks and mild heat. Upon completion of the treatment, our team member will apply a lotion that will help soothe the skin and provide information on recovery and aftercare.

What to expect after Morpheus 8 ?

Swelling, redness and tingling can occur for 1-3 days after treatment. Small pinpoint or larger bruises occur rarely. You can shower normally (avoiding overly hot water) and return to regular activities the following day.

How much does Morpheus 8 cost?

Being one of Vancouver’s busiest microneedling clinic, we are able to offer the most competitive prices. Pricing depends on various factors such as the area being treated (face vs neck or body), the number of treatments needed and the package purchased. For accurate pricing please click on the “check pricing” button. 

Frequently asked questions about Morpheus 8

  • What Areas Can Be Treated?

Morpheus8 is usually used to treat the face and neck area and can be employed to treat nasolabial folds, jowling, wrinkles and lines, a loss of facial fat volume in the midface, aging in the neck and acne and acne scarring.

  • How Many Microneedling Treatments Are Needed To See Results?

Generally anywhere from 3-4 treatments are recommended however, accurate estimates of number of treatments and treatment frequency depend on your skin texture, tone and laxity. During our free consultation, we will provide a full assessment and be able to provide you with the number of treatments to optimize your results.

  • How Soon After A Morpheus8 Treatment Can I Wear Makeup?

It may be suitable to apply makeup 1-2 days after treatment.

  • What Kind of Post Procedure Care Is Required?

After treatment, patients should minimize sun exposure and apply a broad spectrum sunscreen everyday. In addition, daily moisturizing is important.

  • Are There Any Side Effects After Treatment With Microneedling?

Our team will discuss the side effects you might experience during your consultation and decision regarding the extent of your treatment plan. However, side effects of Morpheus8 may include: Transient redness and swelling – It is possible that some patients may experience temporary bruising. The microneedling aspect of treatment may leave tiny points on the skin that crust and flake off. Mild tenderness or soreness may result from the absorption of RF energy and can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

  • Can Microneedling be combined with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

To enhance your results, microneedling can be used in combination with PRP, using your own plasma.

  • What Is the Benefit of Fractionated Energy?

Fractionated Radiofrequency (RF) energy is a scientifically proven method to reduce wrinkles and rebuild collagen and fat.

  • What Is The Benefit of Radiofrequency (RF) Energy?

RF energy improves skin complexion and texture through heating the deep layers of the skin to promote collagen production.


Patient experience with Morpheus 8 in Vancouver

I heard about the Morpheus 8 treatment from a friend of mine who raved about the results. I did some looking online to find a clinic that offers Morpheus 8 and I found Monarch MD. What made them stand out was that Dr. Akbari is a Facial Plastic Surgeon, and Dr. Webster who does the Morpheus 8 treatment is also a medical practitioner. 

I began my journey with a consultation. I wanted to see if the clinic was a match for me, and if Morpheus 8 was the right treatment for me. 

I wanted to address the fine lines and wrinkles around my neck, chest, and sagging along my jawline. I preferred something other than fillers or surgical treatments; something permanent, without a lot of downtime.  Dr. Akbari did a facial analysis to see what was causing the loss of elasticity. She then proceeded to explain to me what the two major factors were in my case: A decline in collagen and elastin production caused by aging, and an increase in submental fat (fat in the double chin area). 

She went through all the available options, and then explained why she thought Morpheus 8 would be the best option given my treatment philosophy and my goals. At my first session with Dr. Webster, I treated my lower face, neck and chest. He first explained to me what the process was, and made sure I understood everything. He applied prescription strength numbing cream, provided me with a blanket and a refreshment, then let me relax for 45 minutes to let the numbing cream do its magic. 

The treatment wasn’t as painful as I had imagined, and Dr. Webster is very skilled at what he does. Afterwards there was some itchiness, some redness, some swelling, but after I recovered I could immediately see the results.

I was so happy with the results I decided to add my arms and elbows as a treatment area. The size of my arms went down, the crepiness and texture improved. It was like I was looking at somebody else’s arms. 

Overall exceptional experience at Monarch MD!

Patient experience with Morpheus 8 - Video

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